How to Take Antibiotics in the Right Way? If you have successfully purchased antibiotics, you need to know how to use them properly. Most antibiotic medications of are available in the form of capsules or pills for oral use, but some of them should be injected or applied to the skin topically. In order to find out how to take a particular antibiotic in your case, it is advisable to follow the instructions of your doctor. As for the effects of the drug, they may become visible within the first several hours after administration. You will notice that the symptoms have alleviated after taking several doses. Nonetheless, your health condition may change within the next few days, and you may not feel better; in this case, it is advisable to see a physician. This may happen if the antibiotic is not suitable for the treatment of your condition. You may require taking another medication or you might have been misdiagnosed. In both cases, there is a need to see a qualified medical practitioner to get timely support.
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Business Models

The steady proliferation of independent asset managers and multi-family offices throughout Asia has given rise to a number of commonly used business models. Here are the three most widely used models.


For most firms, investment management either on a discretionary or advisory basis remains the core of what they do.

In recognising that clients may require other services, some IAMs/MFOs have built a network of business partners in complementary areas such as tax planning, insurance, legal and trust advisory. When necessary, they will be able to connect their clients with the right expertise.

Some firms also provide wealth planning advice, helping families set up family offices and governance structures.


Some independent wealth managers also have an asset management arm, where they run in-house strategies. However, most continue to operate on an open architecture model with low allocation to their own funds.


While the two other setups are more commonplace in Asia, we have also seen platforms that offer a different proposition. They provide operational and administrative support to individual bankers and representatives of wealthy families. 

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